Alliance Employee Union:



Welcome to your union's webpage! Your Executive, Committees, and those involved in other ongoing initiatives will endeavour to maintain a flow of communications through this site. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
 You want to know which committees are in place, which projects are moving along or you want to know what your involvement can be in the union, then click on the links on your left.
About the AEU will provide you information about the union, the different units, etc. Committees and projects will lead you to the terms of reference of the various committees and will provide details about the ongoing projects. You will find the list of all committees members and how you can contact them. The publications and documentation section will be the link to click to find all the electronic versions of our various publications and documents as the Constitution, the collective agreeements, etc. Events is your entry door to meetings details and other union events. The stewards will find many useful documents in their section.